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Beautiful Bottles for the Holiday Bar Cart

Have you stocked up on alcohol yet for your bar cart? On new years eve, or even during your Christmas parties, it is the best time to showcase your most beautiful and best bottles. Also, an eye catching bottle makes such a nice gift. Each year there are a few brands that partner up with high fashion designers to steal the show with their bottle. Smart thinking, because the package is just as important as the content. I selected a few bottles that would make perfect gifts or are plain and simple bar statement pieces that are excellent conversation starters on your next party.

Voga black – Voga Italia Quattro. A seductive mix of four stylish varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Cauvignon, Shiraz and Pinot Noir. An intriguiging fusion of fruity flavours that will impress your guests. 13,5% alcohol. (via Bijenkorf)
Voga pink – Voga Italia Rosato Delle Venezie. This bubbley wine is full of surprises. The wine has flavours of cranberries, strawberry and raspberry, Very berry! 12% alcohol.
Bordiga Rosa Gin is a pleasant floral Italian gin, traditionally distilled. It contains traditional botanicals as juniper, angelica, coriander, citrus thyme. The attractive pink color of Bordiga Rosa Gin comes from the added Rose Buds.
Château Roubine La Vie en Rosé 2014.  A beautiful bottle and a delicious wine in a light salmon pink hue. The scent discloses roses and petals. Delicious aromas of candy, anise and hints of fresh red fruit. Delicious with Mediterranean dishes and shellfish, as aperitif, lunch or dinner.
Walcher Amaretto Bio – Amaretto of exceptional quality and unique packaging! Amaretto produced with real bitter almonds, finest organic Vanilla from Madagaskar, best cocoa beens from Peru and other finest ingredients strictly organic. The basic alcohol is obtained from organic wheat.
Disaronno in a limited edition Roberto Cavalli design – a collectors item of the amaretto brand with an animal print bottle and 2 tumblers in a gift pack.
Baileys chocolat luxe, limited edition bottle
Gold 999.9 Gin – Notes of tangerine, almonds, ginger, violets, coriander, angelica root, cinnamon, gentian, juniper and of course poppy distilled in a golden cauldron
Fever Tree tonic – via
Bottega Gold Prosecco Spumante Brut – This sparkling wine, obtained from Glera grapes, is grown in the Valdobbiadene hills in Italy. The gold bottle not only looks festive chic, but also protects the wine against the light, allowing that the flavors and freshness are retained. The prosecco has a harmonious, elegant and fresh flavor with a fruity and floral bouquet with scents of apples, Williams pear, acacia flowers and lily of the valley
Bottega Rose Gold – This sparkling Bottega rosé prosecco; is made from Pinot Noir grapes grown throughout the the Veneto. Presented in a decorative rose gold bottle, this seasonal sparkler is full of flavours of fresh red fruit character, with some notes of strawberry, cream and vanilla. Made in a slightly off dry style, this makes a perfect match for cakes or fruit based desserts.
Evian mineral water in a limited edition Alexander Wang bottle